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Welcome to evermart!
Controlled access for unattended retail.

Our technology is now available for your retail projects combining the accountability of vending with the customer experience or micro markets. Looking for a complete solution? Let us hook you up with our amazing partners in North America or Europe! Would you like to work with us? Let us know what you are working on and we would love to work with your white label solution empowered by evermart. 


Democratizing food service in various locations

At evermart, we're on a mission to change the way people eat at work or on the go. We believe that access to healthy, delicious food options shouldn't be a luxury, but a universal right. That's why we've created a smart fridge that offers high-quality snacks and meals that you can access around the clock.


At the office

Always have delicious food available, not just the holy trinity of soda, chips and chocolate bars.


Manufacturing facilities

Green field facilities are not in the city centers. But employees still diserve healthy food options.



In the rush between terminals? Food joints are closed? You should still have a decent meal, right?


Hotels and hospitals

Often you are not where you would prefer to be. Enjoyable foor options should still be available.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our team has been working tirelessly on creating the best-controlled access kits for the unattended retail industry worldwide. We take pride in the fact that evermart is not only super easy to use for customers, but for drivers as well. 
Our engineers have built custom vending machines, telemetry units, and gaming black boxes for decades. This gives us confidence in building innovative products for the unattended retail industry as well. Our evermart sensor-based controlled access solutions are crafted in Europe and (for North American customers) they are installed at Due North Minus Forty Technologies in Canada so they are ready to use right out of the box.

Our Technolog

Our Technology

Our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading unattended retail companies achieve greater success by adding controlled access functionality to their operations. Based on load cell data and image recognition, our unique patented technology is able to track products without having to add any markers or RFID tags.

Right from scratch, our aim was to combine the best characteristics of vending with the amazing user experience and operational versatility of micro markets. By adding controlled access and automated product recognition, your micro market will be much safer to operate and can be placed into much more open locations such as airports, hotels or hospitals.

Limited sample units are available, so get in touch today and give evermart a try!

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Advantages for Operators

We combine the accountability of vending and the freedom, user experience and higher profits of micro markets. The best of both worlds. Enjoy the higher turnover of micro markets in a semi-open environment.

Evermart is the only intelligent weighted shelf solution to support product pushers/fronting.


Maximum utilization of cabinet space (no dead space).


Evermart is an ideal solution to extend an operator’s business into much more open and/or smaller locations. •Imagine hospitals, hotels, airports where self-check out micro markets could not be placed until now but used to be prime locations for vending.


The size and shape limitations of vending solutions no longer apply.


Shrinkage is now converging on zero if you use Evermart.


Advantages for customers

Access via application balance or credit card swipe.

Real time shopping cart and price information on indoor screen.


Shop as you would normally do, with minimum restriction.


Intutive voice prompts.


Clean interior, no obstruction inside the cabinet.


Simple shopping experience with full access to product – touch before you buy.

Advantages for drivers

Automated planogram – simply scan and place items to change or set up planogram,

Real time monitoring and visualization of products.

Continuous logging of stock movement combined with time stamped video.

Easy to install, plug-and-play setup. 


Minimal calibration required.

Intuitive loading with instant feedback.


evermart inside

365 Retail Markets is the leader in micro market technology in North America. evermart is now the brain behind their weighted shelf smart cooler solution called PicoCooler Breeze. We are thrilled to announce that our leading controlled access kits are now available as a full solution via 365 Retail Markets and their acquired companies: Avanti Markets and Parlevel Systems


What they say

Man with Curls

"Evermart has saved me tons of time by not having to leave the office. My lunches are much healthier, now that I can have a different salad from your machine daily. Love the convenience your company provides me day in and day out."


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