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Did you know?

Evermart tracks products individually. They are identified when loaded into the cabinet and tracked until they are removed by the customer. This allows operators to do a few nifty things:

  • Allowing product weight variability toleration to almost any extent. Imagine you are selling fresh salads. Folks in the kitchen can easily add an extra egg, making to product considerably heavier. In case of systems where a tray on a shelf is "calibrated" for the particular product's weight, there is almost no room for weight tolerance. Evermart on the other hand can easily adapt to these weight variations.

  • "Remembering" what a product is even if it's placed into to wrong spot. If the operator has our system set up for customer friendly operation, their clients can place a product back to a different lane in the cabinet. When that product is then picked up by the next customer, it will be recognized correctly.

  • Supporting product pushers. Using a product pusher can lead to 6% additional sales and makes the interior of the cabinets tidy. By tracking products individually, Evermart can support product fronting solutions to be applied in the cabinets.

  • Stacking products on top of each other. Products stacked on top of each other will still have their unique weight registered, so there is no "dead space" inside the cooler, every inch of volume can be used for selling products.

These features and our unique product tracking algorithms make the Evermart system stand out among similar solutions available on the market.

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