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Did you know Evermart is a sensor fusion solution?

Evermart is based on what we call "sensor fusion" technology. It means that its algorithms collect and analyze data from multiple types of sensors. In our case, it's data collected by the camera, coupled with load cell (weight) information from each of the four corners of our shelves. This unique approach allows for a "best of both worlds" type of operation, combining the advantages of camera and weighted shelf solutions, while eliminating the setbacks of each.

By adapting this approach, the Evermart system unique because:

  • No product training is needed to introduce a new product. Micro market and vending-style operations have new products every day. Also, imagine a scenario where a driver goes to sight and sees an empty row of products but does not have the same product to fill in. They can just adjust the planogram on the fly and keep on selling products, even if it's new that day. 

  • Real-time product and basket information is available on the internal screen, the IGD. In case of vision only solutions, clients get an itemized bill 10-40 minutes later. Only at this time, can they cross check if the system recognized the products they actually removed. This makes many customers feel uneasy, especially if more valuable items are involved. If there is any discrepancy, a call to support is necessary. Weight only solutions can not distinguish between two products sharing the same weight characteristics.

  • No cloud computing is required. In most vision only solutions, the images are transmitted over to the cloud and analyzed centrally. This is a limitation in many locations where connectivity is a challenge and results in unnecessary cost in data transmission.  

  • No limitations on where products can go inside the cooler or the depth of the cooler. In the case of high volume coolers that are best for operators (more usable space inside), products that are deep inside the cooler can also be recognized with precision.

  • Weight difference helps recognize compromised products. We track products individually. In case of a customer placing a product back that shows a weight difference compared to when it was picked up, Evermart can detect that and alert the operator or even lock down the cabinet if needed. Also, foreign objects can be detected, avoiding food safety issues. 

  • No GDPR issue. Where customers are recognizable on the camera feed, there can be privacy issues in certain countries. Our solution does not record recognizable images of people even though it uses data from a camera. 

Based on these characteristics, it's clear that a sensor fusion solution is the way to go for a complex operation with many different SKUs that change frequently.

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